Tips for right career decision after Pharmacy

Tips for right career decision after Pharmacy

It had been more than a decade since I passed out my pharmacy but career confusion and struggle still the same for students. Still, students struggling about how to start as we had.

So here I am going to tell you some effective tips and advice to make your struggle a bit easier.

My Self Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava working for the Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 12 Years (09 Years as Pharmaceutical Professional and from last 03 years as GMP Consultant and Career Coach through Pharma-Revolution as Founder).

So here each word is learning of my hardcore experience and mistakes that I have done in my 20s.

First, understand the importance of career and skills. From ancient times everyone had some kind of survival skills for themselves and their families. Required skillset changes from time to time. Now we are in 21 century where the range of required skills is very vast and competition is very high. You must have some basic skills in almost every sector like computer skills, communication skills and in-depth knowledge of your field.

After completion of your studies, this marketplace is not less than any battlefield and you have to be prepared for that, you have no choice. Your skill and knowledge are your weapon and companies are your targets. If you know about a company's requirements then you know by which weapon you can get them and by which kind of knowledge and skill you have.

Now you may be thinking "yes I understand this but now I know what companies are looking for", 

So I am telling you 06 steps for a Great Career.

06 Proven Career Tips:

1. Know your target: First get information about sector and company where you want to work, Without knowing your target how can you get them? 

Get Information:

2. Make Career Goal: There is no fixed goal in life it changes from time to time but a broad vision is very important about career, 

Ask yourself: 

  • In which segment (field) do you want to work?

  • Where do you want to be in the next 02 years?

3. Work on your skills: There is no shortcut to achieving a goal, if You have a goal then you have to get the required skills to achieve them. Remember the company’s recruitment team is your target and you have to face them with all weapons(skills) they expect from you.

Get Skills:

  • List out skills and knowledge required for Job Profile.

  • Find out the genuine sources and learn.

  • Have clear thought on all basic Pharmaceutical concepts.

  • Connect with a Mentor / Senior professional of the same sector via Linkedin and ask them for skills, not jobs.

4. Make Original resume: Make 100% original resume, no copy-paste from friends or senior’s resume

  • Highlight your skills.

  • Design company-oriented resume.

5. Approach the Target: Now you are ready at your level with all weapons (skills) now time to approach the recruitment team of companies.

  • Attend Walk-in Interviews

  • Approach through Linkedin.

  • Approach through email or call.

6. Hit the Target: The recruitment team consists of two types of members, one from the Respective department and another from the Human Resource department.

  • Sound confident without crossing the line of overconfidence.

  • Present yourself as a performer.

  • Be sure about each sentence mentioned in the resume.


Be honest with yourself, No one can stop you.