Role of Medical Representative

Role of Medical Representative


Pharmaceutical representatives conjointly referred to as Medical Representatives or pharmaceutical salespeople, offer drug info and product samples to physicians. Also, Medical Representatives monitor prescribing patterns of physicians in a very given geographic territory. As a Medical Representatives, one would usually represent a selected drug or cluster of medicine and would meet with the physician.

In this profession, the experience in the market you’re handling is more important than your years of experience. In other words, if you are familiar with that market’s rules, regulations and guidelines, then you will get a good designation and more salary, regardless of your working experience.

Eligibility: Graduate (Pharmacy/ Science/ Commerce/ Art) with good communication Skill.

Quality that every Medical Representative should have:      

  • Ambition:
  • Scientific and technical understanding.
  • Sales Ability
  • Firmness and Tolerance
  • Listenability
  • Authenticity
  • Management Skill

 Benefits: There are many reasons why Pharmacy Graduates prefer Medical Representative as a career option over other options like Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Hospital sectors. And Science and non-science graduate (B.Sc. / B.A.) also prefer Medical Representative Job compare to other Sales and Marketing Job.

The reason is the earning potential of Medical Representative is high compare to other sales job. Likewise, the advantages are great, for example, the organization's vehicle, trips, and bonus, etc. And if you establish yourself as a successful rep, your career track options will multiply and you can have a very long, successful and wonderful career.

Challenges: One of the major challenges in this field is that if you are not bold enough and proactive, then you will not grow. This is a job that requires you to take initiative and at times even calculated risks.

And due to poor Doctor-Patient ratio, doctors pushed to see more patients in less time and then many doctors provide very less time and many of them refuse to talk with a medical representative on a regular basis. Medical Representative must be patient and firm when working in their area and speaking with doctors.