How to plan your career

How to plan your career

The whole world is suffering from covid-19 and its impacts, no one untouched from this situation, but we have to be strong and keep patience.

Final Year of college is like the planning phase of our career, everyone is just thinking about their future, about further studies, jobs, selection of industry segment, selection of department, interview preparation, there are many things which continuously running in our mind. And suddenly things happened which was not in our planning list. Our College gets closed, final exams are on hold. Life is completely unpredictable, anything can happen at any moment then why we stuck in this situation and wasting our precious time. This situation can demotivate anyone at any moment, it’s natural but you have to be optimistic.

Here I have something to share with you.

This pandemic can take the next few months to settle down and this is the best time to polish yourself and get ready to grab the opportunity which due to come.

  • Mental Strength: Daily we heard about increasing cases of covid-19 in every part of our country, this news can disturb you but we have to accept the situation and act accordingly and sincerely.

Things will be new normal very soon and then time ll come to prove yourself, to start your beautiful journey of Earning and Learning. Remember “a Smooth Sea never made a skilled sailor”. And believe me, after handling this situation you ‘ll be able to handle any situation in your life. So Believe in yourself and everything ll be alright.

  • Self-analysis: Generally after final year’s exams we all are in a rush to just get a job, and getting a job becomes our first priority without thinking about our interest, skills, life, and goal and this can be the biggest mistake of your life.

In this situation, you have enough time to talk to your self, write down your interest, likes, dislikes, skills, career goals, and finally your life goal. Once you have a detail of your personality then it ll be easy for you to decide which job is best for you.

  • Skill Upgradation: To sustain and grow in any industry, you should have enough skillsets, Skills are like wings and then the sky is limit for you. Utilize this time to learn new skillset required in Industry. These skills will definitely help you to fulfill your dreams. Select industry and department then prepare yourself accordingly.

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All the best for your bright future.