Every Production officer should follow these things

Every Production officer should follow these things

   This blog includes 05 very important tips for Production Officer/ Executives. Mr. Ashutosh K Srivastava (GMP Advisor and Trainer) have shared their 11 Years of Experience with the Pharmaceutical Production Department. 

This blog contains career tips that concluded after talking with many Pharmaceutical Professional's (Production department of Formulation Segment). So if your studies have been completed and looking for a career begin in the Production department or you are already working then you should read this blog till the end and it will definitely help you to shape your career.

Production department's woking divided into two operation

1. Manufacturing

2. Packaging

Woking in the Production department as an Officer is quite an interesting and responsible job. Interesting in the sense of familiarity with many secret formulae of manufacturing and packaging of various dosage forms and responsible because you have to comply with all Standard Operating Procedures and written instructions at a woking place to produce high-quality drug products along with a team of your Technicians and operators.

Every Production officer should have the following qualities.

  • Leadership Quality: A Production officer is not a solo performer, you have to manage your team and execute operations. Then leadership quality and managing skills are very essential to become a good Production Officer. Understand the problem and then go for a solution, make a trust bond between your team.
  • Ownership Attitude: You have to manage people of your team, equipment, and all operational areas, ownership attitude is an essential quality for Production officer.
  • Problem Solving Attitude: Every problem has a solution and you have to think in this way. In daily operation, you and your team will face some problems but in this situation, you have to handle very calmly, you have to show patience and report it as per your SOPs.
  • Teamwork approach: This is a human tendency to prove themselves more efficient and qualified than others and if you get into this trap then you 'll never work as a team, so don't have unnecessary competition with your colleagues, believe in teamwork and work as a team.
  • Technical Knowledge: You are dealing with all technical operations and methods, complying with all regulatory rules and regulation hence your technical knowledge would be the main key to your success.