Senior Pharmacist/ Pharmacist

Senior Pharmacist/ Pharmacist

Title: Pharmacist

Education: D.Pharm/B.Pharm/ M.Pharm

Experience: 02 to 03 years of experience

Job Description: 

  1. Read and understand medicines in prescription provided by doctors to patients.
  2. Communicate with healthcare providers/doctors for any clarification/questions.
  3. Pharmacy opening and closing.
  4. Stock management-indenting of urgent items.expired and breakage item exclusion from the stock.
  5. Files and registers (H1 register) update on a daily basis.
  6. Software handling-billing, stock transfer, expiry out from the system, etc.
  7. Attend phone calls related to customers' home deliveries and queries.
  8. Focus on the given sale target and work on it positively to achieve.

    Perks and Benefits: salary incentives, reimbursements

Note: Send your resume to

Organization: Disruptive Health Solutions Pvt Ltd (Healthskool)

About the Company:

Healthskool Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy chain with 24 stores currently across Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon, that is committed to improving access to affordable medicines and healthcare to Delhi NCR's citizenry.
Healthskool's main goal is to help regular people reduce their expenditure on medicines and basic health tests, and ensure that they receive all of their medicines on time, procured from genuine participants in the supply chain

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