Requirement of Pharmacist in Shalby Hospitals at Indore

Requirement of Pharmacist in Shalby Hospitals at Indore

Shalby Hospitals    

Time: 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM      


Department: Pharmacy  

Job Title: Pharmacist  

Experience: 02 - 03 years  

Qualification: D.Pharma / B.Pharma

Handling of Medicines/ Online Store Requests:-

  • Dispensing medicines for patients as per prescription
  • Maintaining records of medicines returned. Eg: discharged patients
  • Supplying medicines as per department/ward requirements
  • Maintaining registers like Narcotics(room temperature, refrigerator temperature) as per NABH guidelines
  • Generating Goods Received Note (GRN) by entering records in system after the retrieval of goods ordered
  • Preparing list of medicines/surgical and sending it across to purchase department
  • Returning back non-moving medications or those nearing expiry to their respective vendors
  • Thorough checking of expiry date for all medicines on a monthly basis
  • Segregating medicines as per NABH list of specific medicines
  • Generating floor wise request of medicines from the online store and handing over to assistants for keeping it ready
  • Preparing indent on the basis of shortage list and frequently prescribed medicines

Key Skills

  • Well versed with medical terminologies,
  • Knowledge of medicine substitutes,
  • Basic knowledge of computers,
  • Knowledge of vendor contracts and agreements,
  • Exposure to NABH or JCI,
  • Logistic process

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