Production Officer

Production Officer

Organization: Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.

Location: Madhuranthagam

Job Title: Production Officer

Department: Production

Experience: 01 - 04 Years

Job Description:

  1. Follow up on the work based on priorities.

  2. Monitoring and recording the critical process parameter as per BMR.

  3. Reactor wise TRT Control.

  4. Following Good Manufacturing Practices during production activity.

  5. Physical verification of raw materials before batch charging

  6. Ensuring operational and product safety.

  7. Receipt and check-up of Raw Material (RM) as per work order issue.

  8. Maintaining-Usage logbooks of equipment's, Cleaning records, Instrument (Weighing machine) Calibration records, Housekeeping records, etc,.

  9. Online documents filling (ie, BMR/ECR/usage logs, etc,.)

  10. Equipment cleaning as per requirements

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