Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Manager in Suman Super Speciality Hospital at New Delhi

Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Manager in Suman Super Speciality Hospital at New Delhi

Suman Super Speciality Hospital

Time: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM


Contact:  9811072338

Department:  Pharmacy  

Job Title:  Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Manager                        

Qualification:  B.Pharma     

Experience: 01 to 03 Years

Job description

  • Inventory Management, Negotiation Skills, Decision Making, Vendor Management, Communication Skills, People Management
  • To provide an error free drug therapy to patients by ensuring no errors during the process of dispensing by ensuring a hassle free environment for staff Implement Quality Improvement
  • Assign the duties and responsibilities for all the staff on a day to day basis
  • Overall maintenance of the Pharmacy
  • Ensuring that proper storage conditions are maintained for all the drugs
  • Random verification of inventory checked by the staff
  • To monitor and motivate the staff in dispensing drugs to the patient
  • Ensure availability of drugs and surgical products at any given point of time
  • Arranging the non-available medicine through stores / distributors.
  • If required, request the concerned Doctors I Nurses for sufficient time and keep them informed about the same
  • Get their consent from the referral doctors, if a particular brand requested is not available and if substitutes need to be issued.
  • Cross checking of stocks taken by staff.
  • Supervise the disbursement of medicines according to priority.
  • Prepare the short-expiry medicines list and send to the Stores once in three month.
  • Cash collecting Deposit in bank
  • Daily checking credit card bills.
  • Attending FDA inspections, Liasioning with government authorities
  • Other duties as assigned by the management


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