Pharmacist in Nova Pulse IVF Clinic Pvt Ltd. at Pune( Kharadi )

Pharmacist in Nova Pulse IVF Clinic Pvt Ltd. at Pune( Kharadi )

Nova Pulse IVF Clinic Pvt Ltd,  

Venue: No.128,5th Floor,Golden Towers,Old Airport Road,Ko, dihalli, , BANGALORE, Karnataka, India


Contact: Ms. Swati Pethe(020-67206411)

Department: Pharmacy

Job Title: Pharmacist 

Qualification: B.Pharma

Experience: 0 to 03 Years

Job description

Roles and Responsibilities


a. To study historic inventory records, consult and prepare forecasts of the inventory requirement and to Interface with all Centers in a periodic manner to ascertain the needs of various Drugs & Consumables.

b. To consult center pharmacist/stores team and to be aware of inventory needs/shortage/expiry for effective inventory management.


a. Collect al requirement from centers and source in the market as availability for getting better quotes.

b. To carry-out negotiations with multiple vendors and to evaluate/finalize reliable and cost-effective vendors against requirement and present for Group contract.

c. To check the material ordered is of the agreed quality & meets the minimum standards set by the quality department


a. To ensure system wide maintenance and tracking of the stock of various materials in the inventory. Implants usage proper records maintenance with CPU report.

b. To support procurement head in tracking the consumption of surgical consumables

c. Frequent intervals Check excess/expiry/leftovers inventories form centers and coordinate with concern vendors for removal/exchange of the same to avoid dead inventories.

d. Maintain Vendor data base; create vendor evaluation time to time as required by management.

e. To ensure maintenance of vendor sources for all emergency supply items

f. To ensure that established safe practices are followed in the transportationand storage of hazardous material

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