Area Sales and activation Manager (ASAM)

Contact Person: Ms. Tanu Bhatia

Phone Number: 9205715425

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Area Sales and activation Manager (ASAM)

Akums Drugs &  Pharmaceuticals  ltd 

Job Title: Area Sales and activation Manager (ASAM)

Experience: 2-6  years

Location: Faridabad, Bareilly, Moradabad, Ghaziabad, Agra, Jaipur

Job Description:

Position Scope - ASAM will be responsible for Marketing and Business Development in his / her assigned area and ensure that financial and ethical objectives of the Company are met through proper deployment of Marketing and Commercial strategies, strengthening partnership with Retailers and proper implementation of various policies and guidelines as advised from time to time.

Roles and Responsibilities in Brief:-

  1. Collect Market Intelligence on Retailers (new or existing) through regular surveys, audits, visits as per the given guidelines, and share inputs on commercial standing, creditworthiness, and personal assets.

  2. Plan coverage of Retail Partners (new or existing) in their assigned territory to assess their potential, obtain feedback, share business plans and facilitate to enroll them as "Partners" as per the given scope and guidelines.

  3. Create and Update Data on existing or potential Retail Partners (Business Profile, Sale wise, Customer Base, etc.) as per the specific guidelines and maintain the same in physical/electronic format.

  4. Provide lead for institutional, governmental, municipal, and other contracts if any to the Managers / Marketing after assessing the potential of parties concerned, liaise with the concerned authority, and follow through as per the guidelines given by Marketing / Sales Head.

  5. Facilitate strategy formulation process by providing timely feedback to the superiors and company on the competitors' activities such as market intelligence, market trends, trade practices, competitors schemes, deals, new product introductions, etc.

  6. Ensure optimal utilization of the Business promotion budget and undertake engagement initiatives in accordance with marketing guidelines and compliance policies.

  7. Conduct group meetings, medical education camps, scientific engagement programs, Social Events/ Community Initiatives / Campaigns / Education programs, Workshops in Pharma Colleges as may be necessary from time to time to generate brand awareness and provide feedback/report on program/promotion drives conducted with an emphasis on impact and return on investment.

  8. Support Retail Partners achieve their monthly targets (Sales Plan (product wise, value-wise), Customer Reach), and make timely corrections in case of any gaps and take help of Managers / Marketing to address issues if any.

  9. Ensure regular visits to potential stakeholders as per the agreed plan and as well, ensure regular visits to existing or new Development Partners / Retails Partners as per the plan.

  10. Co-ordinate and follow through with Retailers for timely submission of stock and sales statements and ensure online updation of all relevant data. Review and Assist Retailers to keep track of breakages and expiry and ensure it is addressed on priority as per the policy.

  11. Educate and train the Retailers on company systems & processes and ensure all compliances are as per agreed service levels.

  12. Ensure timely submission of work progress reports, sales documents, feedback reports, expense reports, and other administrative duties are completed in an accurate and timely manner.

  13. Set examples on implementation of the code of business conduct, pharmacovigilance, and ensure that all transactions and orders are processed with a high level of accuracy and commitment.

Required Candidate profile

  1. Should have prior experience of at least 2 years in retail preferably covering allopathic chemist counters. Total-experience should be more than 4 years.

  2. Candidates from Pharma, Telecom, FMCG, OTC, Allopathic Retail may only apply

  3. Complete geographic knowledge of retail counters coverage for HQ in the discussion is a must.

  4. Should be hardworking and should be able to work in a disciplined manner.

  5. Good communication and selling skills are compulsory.

Company Info


Contact Person: Ms. Tanu Bhatia

Phone Number: 9205715425

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